12 Days of Giving

Your gifts have touched thousands of people in your community, and we need your help to reach even more!

This holiday season, make your gift matter.

When you give to the Society, 100% of your donations are used to protect Burns Bog.

For donations over $10, we automatically send you a charitable tax receipt.


Adopt an Animal to Protect the Wildlife that Depend on Burns Bog

Is there someone on your list this year who is difficult to buy for? Adopt an Animal in the name of your friend or family member.  Click HERE to see our collection of animals up for “adoption.”




Buy a Burns Bog Teacher Resource Manual for Your Favourite Teacher

Still thinking about what to get your favourite teacher for Christmas? How about a Teacher Resource manual? With Activities and Worksheets to match curriculum from grades K-12, any teacher would love this gift! Click HERE to check out our selection of Burns Bog Teacher Manuals.




Give to Get Kids Outside at Burns Bog Summer Day Camps

Every child deserves the chance to discover and explore Burns Bog. Your gift today will get kids outside this summer at Burns Bog Summer Day Camps! Click HERE to make your donation!




Sign our Petition to Protect Rare and Endangered Species in Burns Bog

The Burns Bog Conservation Society has created a petition to enact the Federal Species At Risk Act (SARA) and protect wildlife in Burns Bog. Your signature gives a home to animals that depend on Burns Bog. Click HERE to sign today!




Become a Sponsor for One of Our Yearly Events

Did you know that people are more likely to choose a company that supports a cause? Raise your corporate profile by supporting the Burns Bog Conservation Society. Click HERE to see a list of Burns Bog Events! Call us at 604-572-0373 to discuss sponsorship opportunities today!




Give to Get Students Active and Learning Outside on a Burns Bog Field Trip!

With your help, we can give even more students a chance to learn more about Burns Bog and how we can protect it. Click HERE to give students a Field Trip they’ll remember!




Help us Stuff & Seal Envelopes to Spread the Word About Our Petition to Protect Animals in Burns Bog

Volunteers, we need your help to spread the word about the unique and wonderful Burns Bog! Do you have a few hours to stuff and seal envelopes? Give us a call at 604-572-0373 or email us at info@burnsbog.org to sign up today!




Help us by Donating Items on Our Wishlist

We’re looking for donations of the following items:

– Toilet Paper
– Computer Paper (8.5×11” & 11×17”)
– 2-3 working computer monitors (22”)
– Goodies for volunteers (cookies, nuts)
– Tote Boxes
– Ergonomic Computer Chairs
– DSLR Camera
– 6’ plastic folding tables
– Plastic ‘school’ chairs for kids
– Fabric Paints
– Large suitcase with wheels
– Corelle lunch/dinner plates

If you can help, call our office at 604-572-0373 or send us an email at info@burnsbog.org


Turn Your Holiday Event Into a Festive Fundraiser

Celebrate the holiday season by planning a party with a purpose. Trade in the gift-exchange for a donation box, put out a collection jar at the open bar, choose the winner of the holiday bake off by voting with your pocket change! Click HERE to check out our step-by-step guide to planning your festive fundraiser this holiday season.




Give to Support Our Outdoor Leadership Program: Stepping into Nature

The Stepping into Nature Festival connects environmental experts with local youth, and trains them to be environmental leaders in their community! Click HERE to inspired our youth to become eco-leaders of the future!


Buy a Burns Bog Mug and T-shirt for Your Friends and Family

Show your support by sporting our Society swag! Click HERE to check out our coffee mugs and T-shirts!




Give a Donation to Protect Burns Bog for Future Generations by Supporting the Burns Bog Foundation!

Have you heard of the Burns Bog Conservation Foundation? The Foundation manages endowment funds and capital campaigns to support the ongoing work of the Society. Help us create a Burns Bog Interpretive Centre! Your gift today will protect Burns Bog for future generations. Click HERE to support the Burns Bog Conservation Foundation!

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