We Couldn’t Have Done it Without You!

Thank you to our volunteers, donors, sponsors, and supporters. Here are some of the things that you helped us achieve together this year.

— Accomplishments of 2017 —

– More than 62,000 of you came to visit the Delta Nature Reserve this year!
– A brand new outdoor classroom was built in the Nature Reserve, thanks to you!
– You gave 2,541 BC students the chance to explore Burns Bog on an interactive nature walk!
– Over 411 youth were active and learning outside at our Annual Stepping into Nature Festival, because of your gifts!
– More than 404 of you joined us at one of our 2017 events!
– You gave 137 kids the chance to make happy outdoor memories at Burns Bog Summer Day Camps!
– With your help, children across 9 different municipalities took part in our education programs!
– Over 920 guests experienced the Bog in a whole new way, through the thrilling mysteries of our Bog Escape Series!
– As of 2017, 18 memorial benches have been placed throughout the Delta Nature Reserve!
– And that doesn’t even account for the people who benefited from our boardwalk, started and completed by our sponsors and volunteers.

You continue to be a voice for Burns Bog when you continue to care.

Your gift today ensures you, your loved ones and your neighbours enjoy Burns Bog & the Delta Nature Reserve for years to come.


Give your gift today!


If you make your gift online before 9pm PST on December 31, you will get your 2017 tax receipt.

Thank you,

The Burns Bog Team
Staff: Eliza, Evelyn,  Marcello, Mark, Nathalie
Our Board: Derek, Edward, David, Porsha, Nancy,  Liz, and Richard
& all of our dedicated volunteers

Where You’ve Seen Us :

Where You’ve Seen Us: A Bog’s Life 2020 art contest now launched…
Mailing address change! please mail to Burns Bog Conservation Society P.O. Box 71040 New Orleans PO, Delta BC V4C 8E7
Earth Day Pilgrimage April 19th 1pm Cancelled due to Covid-19 outbreak
Please join us and save burns bog
If you save Nature, it will save you