6 Reasons Why You Need to Jog for the Bog

Still wondering whether registering for Jog for the Bog is worth it? These reasons will make up your mind!

1. You can race on your own pace.

5k and 10k races are for people of all fitness levels. You can either take a stroll, or challenge yourself by setting a new personal record. It’s totally up to you how you want to race it!

2. You get De Dutch pancakes – for free.


Let’s be honest – De Dutch pancakes are out of this world. What better way to treat yourself with these pancakes than on a day of physical exertion? And best of all, it’s free when you register!

3.  You get to be close to Burns Bog, physically and figuratively.


You’ll be running, jogging, or strolling along the Delta Nature Reserve. You’ll also feel the energy from Burns Bog. Burns Bog is a place of tranquility in the outdoors, and you’d love to stay there after your race!

4. You’ll get ready for fall’s 5k season.


Fall is the unofficial race season, and Jog for the Bog will help you meet your fitness goals for fall. Whether you’re training for a race or doing it for fun, Jog for the Bog will still give you lots of benefits. During the race, you keep your heart rate elevated for more than half an hour, which means you increase your endurance and your focus.

5.  You’ll get that great feeling of completing a race.


Seeing the light at the end of the trail gives us all hope. And once you cross that finish line, you forget all your problems, and you focus on what you’ve just done – complete a race! You will feel the rush of endorphins throughout your body, giving you that post-race glow.

6.   You help protect Burns Bog.


All proceeds from Jog for the Bog will go towards the Burns Bog Conservation Society’s efforts in raising awareness about Burns Bog. This is done through our education programs, including the Summer Day Camps, fieldtrips, and tour guides. We believe that educating children will lead to more environment-conscious people in the future!



Register for Jog for the Bog right here! Early Bird prices are on until July 4 – don’t miss out!

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