The Burns Bog Conservation Society is kicking off its 5th annual art contest, “A Bog’s Life!”

Deadline:​ April 3th, 2020

This year’s theme: “Preserve and Protect: Plants of Burns Bog”

Create any form of art (Drawing,  photography, sculpture, painting, writing, etc.) to illustrate many of the plants that naturally live in the bog, such as: the sundew, bog blueberry, bog cranberry, bog laurel, bog rosemary, cloudberry, and Labrador tea, to name a few.

​Art can also be of another aspect of the Burns Bog or the Delta Nature Reserve wildlife or environment. Art pieces must represent some aspect of Burns Bog/the Delta Nature Reserve.

Art Contest Letter

​Submit your art for a chance to win the grand prize of a free class trip to the Delta Nature Reserve! Prizes will be presented at the annual Burns Bog Earth Day Pilgrimage on April 19th! 

how to enter:

1. Create a piece of art that represents Burns Bog or the Delta Nature Reserve that is in any of the following mediums:
​Art Contest Poster

  • Drawing or Painting
  • 3D Sculpture
  • Writing (Poems, Stories, etc.)
  • Photography
2. Fill out the submission form attached below:
Please note: Participants must be a BC elementary or high school student.

3. Send or drop-off your art piece and submission form to the Burns Bog Conservation Society Office:

4-7953 120 Street, ​Delta, BC, V4C 6P6

For *digital photographs only*: Photo’s and submission forms can be emailed to
Deadline: April 3th, 2020

The prize breakdown will be as follows:
  • Kindergarten – Grade 1
  • Grade 2 – Grade 4
  • Grade 5 – Grade 7
  • Grade 8 – Grade 10
  • Grade 11 – Grade 12
For each grade category, art forms will be divided into 4 prize categories. 
  • Paintings & Drawings
  • 3D Sculpture
  • Writing
  • Photography
Prizes will be presented at the annual Burns Bog Earth Day Pilgrimage at the Delta Nature Reserve on April 19th!