Burns Bog Conservation Society Celebrates: INTERNATIONAL BOG DAY 2023 

July 22nd is International Bog Day! This is a day where the Society takes the time to reflect on our goals, mission, and what we have been working on in the Delta Nature Reserve. Our staff have had quite a productive summer so far running both our summer camps and conducting research in the DNR. 

Our education programs allow youth aged 6-12 to spend time outdoors and provide the opportunity for these campers to learn in a unique environment, the largest peatland on the West Coast. We have recently launched new Environmental Leadership Camps for youths 13-15. This interesting opportunity is meant to introduce a variety of environmental careers and pathways for the youths in our community. In addition to our summer camps programming, we are proud to announce our partnership with United Way and DIVERSEcity to run another summer program for children of newcomers to Canada. 

This summer we have also conducted research in the DNR! Our two co-op students have been monitoring groundwater levels in the DNR at our numerous dip-well sites throughout the park, as well as conducting a search for the Northern Red-legged Frog, an endangered species of frog native to the Pacific Northwest. For the other plants and habitats in Burns Bog, the research team has been working hard to investigate the status of invasive species in the DNR. Their efforts have prevented the spread of Himalayan Balsam seeds along Cougar Creek. Below are some maps that they have created for their research proposals: 

Through our educational programs and research endeavors we hope to raise awareness in local communities for ecological conservation, especially for peatland ecosystems, facilitate positive change through community conservation. It’s important as ever that we continue to preserve Burns Bog for many generations to come and we hope you continue to visit the DNR for your hikes and dog walks. Be sure to follow our social media to stay up to date on all our upcoming events. If you would like to donate to our cause, you can check out our website and stay tuned for our upcoming membership drive in the fall! 

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