The Earth Day Pilgrimage 2017

Thank you so much to all of you for making the Earth day pilgrimage to Burns Bog a success!  Thank you for coming out and celebrating nature together. We could not have done it without you and hope you enjoyed the pilgrimage as much as we did!  A big thank you to our hard working volunteers as well.  Many hands really do make work light, and we thank you for giving up your free time to come help.


I would also like to thank each and every one of our performers and guest speakers. You made the Pilgrimage that much more special with the gift of your voice to the community.  To the esteemed Imam Tariq Azeem, your message on the Gifts of Islam brought a much needed clarity on its teachings to all of us. I also wanted to thank Liz Walker for her amazing display of the coal trains, helping spread the word of the harmful effects of coal.ImamTariqAzeem

To Aline La Flamme and the Daughters of the Drum, your performance was like a musical gateway. At the start of the pilgrimage you helped all of us enter into the spirit of nature. Thank you to the South Fraser Unitarian Singers and their beautiful performance of “Gaia” and “One World One Voice.” Susan Summers and the Sacred Web Singers, your singing helped us finish the pilgrimage on a positive note!  And of course we would love to thank Mr. Acharya Dwivedi for his lovely closing prayer. (We also have the pleasure of having Mr. Dwivedi as a part of our board).

Daughters of the DrumSouthFrasierUnitarianSacredWebSingers

We value you all and are inspired by your love for nature. You all recognize the earth as something valuable to all people regardless of culture or creed. We breathe the same air and walk the same soil. Because of you we can protect Burns Bog and create a clean, sustainable future now, and for future generations. Thank you.



Have You Thought About Joining The Guardians Club? 

I gave a talk to a local mens group several years ago, afterwards one of them said,

“I have limited finances so I like to give ten dollars each month to each of my favorite organizations.”

That started the Burns Bog Conservation Society’s Guardians’ Club.  Why the guardians club?

I envision each member silently standing guard protecting Burns Bog for future generations. Become a Guardians Club member today.

Choose the gift you want to give each month. ($5, $10, $15, your choice) You’ll be glad you did.

Eliza Olson President

(P.S. I’m a Guardians Club Member)

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Earth Day Pilgrimage April 19th 1pm Cancelled due to Covid-19 outbreak
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