A Bog’s Life 2020 Art Contest Now Open!

We look forward to all the amazing art that will be create!


For more information go to our Art Contest Details Page

If you entered this year, join us on April 19th at the Delta Nature Reserve for our annual Earth Day Pilgrimage! We will be announcing all of our winners at the event! For more information, check out our Earth Day Pilgrimage page:




Earth Day Pilgrimage 2020

The Prize Breakdown will be as follows: Art forms will be divided into 4 prize categories:
– Kindergarten to Grade 1
– Grades 2 to Grades 4
– Grades 5 to Grades 7
– Grades 8 to Grades 10
– Grades 11 to Grades 12
– Painting
– Drawings
– Photography
– 3D (Nest, Sculpture, Pottery, Structure)