Here is a list of some frequently asked questions that teachers have when booking our Field Trips:

Field Trip FAQs

How long is the Field Trip?
Field trips take around 2-2.5 hours. Younger students typically do best with a shorter tour, with more breaks. Older students enjoy walking farther, and hearing more about the bog. We take age group, interest level, and weather into consideration when giving our tours to make sure that students are having fun, and leave with happy memories!

How far will students be walking?
The whole loop is about 4.5 km of walking. Depending on the ability-level of the group, we can shorten this to about 3km by doubling back on the boardwalk path. Please indicate in your booking if you would like a slightly shorter tour.

Is there a place to have lunch?
We have a partnership with Planet Ice, who kindly allow our guests to use their facilities before or after Field Trips. Students can use the indoor cafeteria area on the bottom floor to eat their lunch. Please make sure students clean up after themselves so that we can continue our positive relationship with Planet Ice.

Can we eat on the tour?
We generally don’t allow guests to eat on the tour. We want to keep the area as wild as possible! Little crumbs and food that gets dropped on the ground can have a significant impact on the plants growing in the bog, and on the diet of the animals that live there. There are no garbage cans along the boardwalks, and we want to make sure we’re not bringing garbage into the Nature Reserve on our Field Trips.

Are there bathrooms?
Bathrooms are available before and after the tour at Planet Ice. They are located upstairs and to the left. There are no toilets in the Nature Reserve. Please arrive early for your tour to allow students time to use the bathroom.

How do you make sure your tour is appropriate for each age group?
Our staff are familiar with the Core Competencies for each grade level, and take into consideration the age group that will be coming on tour. We adapt each tour to suit the needs of each class.

What about first aid?
Our staff are trained in First Aid, and bring a first aid kit on every tour

How many Parent Chaperones can I bring?
We find that teachers usually have a pretty good idea of how many adults they need to bring on a Field Trip. Parent drivers and Field Trip chaperones are more than welcome to attend Burns Bog Field trips at no extra cost. When planning how many additional adults you need, please keep in mind that the Burns Bog Conservation Society is a non-profit organization. We offer public and private tours for adults at a cost of $7 or $8 / person. Donations are always welcome.