Here’s your simple guide to turn your holiday into a Burns Bog Fundraiser

Along with our annual traditions of making merry with family and friends, we’re often reminded that this is a time of year for giving back. So, why not bring both of these traditions together for the ultimate feel-good holiday event!

Step 1: Pick Your Event-Type

Maybe you already have an annual holiday event in mind, or maybe you want to start a brand new tradition. Either way, anything can be a fundraiser! A staff party, family gift exchange, holiday bake off, corporate event, snowball fight, achieving a fitness goal… literally anything!

Step 2: Invite Your Guests

Give your guests the heads-up that this is more than just a party, it’s a Festive Fundraiser! Bring your wallet, folks.

Step 3: Add Incentive to Give

Give your guests a reason to support your cause. Trade-in you gift exchange for a donation box. Ask for pledges to compete in your holiday bake-off. Get Creative! Tom Edwards, for example, left a donation jar on the open bar at his appreciation dinner. His guests gave $450!

Step 4: Presenting Your Donation

You can give the money you raised online, over the phone, by mail, or simply stop by our office! We will be so happy to hear from you! (see our contact info below.)

Step 5: Feel Good!

Tell your guests how much you raised together. You’ll all feel good about paying it forward by giving back!

TIP: Third-party Fundraising works all year round, not just during the winter holidays. Raise your corporate profile by showing you care!


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