A Bog’s Life 2020 Art Contest Now Open

The Burns Bog Conservation Society is kicking off its 5th annual art contest, “A Bog’s Life!”

This year’s theme: “Preserve and Protect: Plants of Burns Bog”

Create any form of art (Drawing,  photography, sculpture, painting, writing, etc.) to illustrate one or more of the plants that naturally live in the bog. Such as: Sundew, Bog Blueberry, Bog Cranberry, Bog Laurel, Bog Rosemary, Cloudberry, and Labrador Tea, to name a few.

​Art can also be of another aspect of the Burns Bog or the Delta Nature Reserve wildlife or environment. Art pieces must represent some aspect of Burns Bog/the Delta Nature Reserve.

Contest entry deadline April 3rd 2020

more details at https://burnsbog.org/art-contest-2020-details/

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Where You’ve Seen Us :

Where You’ve Seen Us: A Bog’s Life 2020 art contest now launched…
Mailing address change! please mail to Burns Bog Conservation Society P.O. Box 71040 New Orleans PO, Delta BC V4C 8E7
Earth Day Pilgrimage April 19th 1pm Cancelled due to Covid-19 outbreak
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