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Hello Friends!

If you’re reading this, then you might have noticed a few changes on our website and social media over the past few weeks. Our talented summer staff identified opportunities for improvement on our website. After doing some research, it was also decided that it would be worthwhile to update the Society logo to be consistent with the new theme. The result is a new logo that pays homage to the rich history of the Society, while giving the Society a new confidence to move forward in our projects and relationships. The logo is often the first thing people see when they are introduced to a new organization. The emotions this logo aims to invoke include confidence and trustworthiness, and the impression it aims to give is modern. The Society has adapted for over 30 years to protect Burns Bog, but it is not enough to exist on the merits of past successes. With a new look, and new projects that further our vision and mission statements, the Society can confidently work to protect Burns Bog, and keep it safe for future generations.

There have also been some external changes in relation to Burns Bog. As you might know by now, the City of Delta and Metro Vancouver have finally come to an agreement in shared management of the Delta Nature Reserve, consistent with the existing management plan for the rest of the Burns Bog Ecological Conservation Area. This deal has been anticipated since 2007, and now that it finally is in place, the Society is excited for the opportunity to work with Metro Vancouver.

This doesn’t mean our work with the City of Delta is over. Over the years the City of Delta has issued permits, provided expert consultations, and supported the Society’s efforts to protect Burns Bog. This level of support came from auxiliary staff, department leads, bog experts, City Managers, and mayors. Although much of their historic role will now shift over to Metro Vancouver, the Society looks to continue an inclusive and collaborative approach for the benefit of Burns Bog.

Furthermore, our efforts to protect Burns Bog are not over. Current threats to Burns Bog include the MK Delta Lands Industrial proposal, the Beedie Parkwood Development (formerly Pineland Peat site), and the Earth King Investments cold storage proposal. Each of these threats deserve their own posts which will be made available in the coming weeks.  

If you have time, please take a look around our new and improved website. Hopefully, the information you are searching for is easier to find now. If you notice anything on the website that doesn’t appear to work or needs correcting, please send me an email at

Thank you for your support of the Burns Bog Conservation Society. Together we can keep Burns Bog safe for us and for future generations.

Nikolai Karpun

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