Help Us Save Burns Bog

The threats are always changing, so we’ve created this page to inform the public what they are and how they can help.

A Ramsar Wetland In Need Of Help

Burns Bog became a Ramsar Wetland on September 22, 2012 along with Sturgeon Bank, South Arm Marshes, Boundary Bay, and Serpentine. This was a fantastic achievement for Delta and the Burns Bog Conservation Society. In order to keep Burns Bog safe we are committed to helping raise awareness about issues that threaten Burns Bog and the surrounding wetland areas. Government signatures promised the “wise use” of the wetlands your tax money purchased in 2004. You help us keep the Ramsar sites safe.

What is a Ramsar Wetland of International Significance?

A Ramsar Wetland is a wetland that is recognized as key in preserving biological diversity.
The Ramsar mission is to ensure “the conservation and wise use of all wetlands through local and national actions and international cooperation, as a contribution towards achieving sustainable development throughout the world”.

In Canada we have already lost 87% of our wetlands. In the Lower Mainland, we have only 10% left. It is important that we preserve what we have left so it is not lost forever.

The Wise Use concept

At the centre of the Ramsar philosophy is the “wise use” concept. The wise use of wetlands is defined as “the maintenance of their ecological character, achieved through the implementation of ecosystem approaches, within the context of sustainable development”. “Wise use” therefore has at its heart the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands and their resources, for the benefit of humankind.

Learn more about the Ramsar Convention HERE