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Burns Bog Conservation Society Petitions Federal Government


he Burns Bog Conservation Society launched its petition on November 16th, 2017, asking the Federal Government to enforce the Species at Risk Act legislation on boglands owned by MK Delta Lands Group and the Beedie Group (Pineland Peat).

MK Delta and Pineland Peat

The Federal Government set the precedent by stopping land development in La Prairie, Quebec.  The Western Chorus frog (Pseudacris Triseriata) was at risk. This little frog is so small it can fit on your index finger. The Federal Government issued the order June 17, 2016. It effectively cut the planned development by 171 units.

There is more than one endangered species living on MK Delta Land Group’s land and Pineland Peat. And it’s time they were protected!

There are red and blue-listed species at risk on these lands!

Animals At Risk

These species depend on Burns Bog to give them a home. They simply don’t have anywhere else to go.

Insect populations are plummeting drastically, according to recent reports.  This has a severe impact on wildlife and people. Insects are needed for pollination and feeding the birds.

We talk about the ‘birds and the bees’ being threatened when peatlands like Burns Bog are destroyed.  We forget their role in the health of our fish, especially our salmon. Cool iron-laden water from the bog is key to their long-term survival. The salmon mill around at the mouth of the Fraser until the water is cool enough for them to head up-river to spawn.

Scientists in Europe have found that regenerated peatlands return to 90% of their former efficiency in storing carbon. Saving our disappearing peatlands is key if Canada is to meet its Climate Action goals.


I know you and I can’t do a lot to help stop the loss of wildlife elsewhere, but we can do something about it in our own backyard. That’s why I’m asking you to help me stop the destruction of our endangered wildlife right here in Delta!

Please sign the petition. Ask your friends and family to sign the petition.
Send your gift today to help me keep up the fight.

For now, the petition is available as a downloadable PDF. Please return your printed copy with as many signatures as you can get to:

4-7953 120th Street
Delta, BC
V4C 6P6

Any Canadian citizen can sign the petition!

Thank you,

Eliza Olson, President

If you are looking to spend a few hours volunteering to stuff, seal, and count envelopes, call our office
at 604-572-0373, or send us an email at info@burnsbog.org

Download your copy of the petition here!

Click here to read more about the Species at Risk Act

Click here to learn more about red and blue-listed species in British Columbia

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