Current Status

In response to ongoing health concerns, our office remains closed to the public. The situation is dynamic, and staff members are monitoring new information and will announce updates as soon as they are decided. If you need to contact us, please email We have set up a PO Box, so we can continue to receive mail during this time. We will keep our website and social media up-to-date with the latest news and closures or cancellations.

At this time, the main access trail in the Delta Nature Reserve, as well as the boardwalk loop, is OPEN to the public for one way traffic. Please follow the posted signs and maintain social distancing while on the paths.

Summer Day Camp Plans

How COVID-19 Has Changed Summer Day Camps

In order to increase distancing and decrease contact, we will implement the following:

       Lowered enrollment capacity to 15 campers per week

       Plan activities for spread-out or open work spaces

       Divide campers into smaller activity groups

       Increase supplies available to limit sharing between campers

       One-way directed flow for drop-off and pick-up

       Parents/guardians/families encouraged to remain in vehicles for sign-in/out

       Electronic or no-contact sign-in and sign-out (visual ID and confirmation)

       Encourage electronic or contact-less submission of forms

       Additional washroom facilities and hand sanitizer/hand-washing facilities

       Regular disinfection of Camp facilities and materials

       Enhanced staff training regarding guidelines and safety measures

       Posted signage and regular follow-up regarding sanitation protocol


Please note that delivery method and availability are subject to change based on guidelines and restrictions mandated by the City of Delta and the Government of British Columbia.

In the event that Camps are cancelled by the Burns Bog Conservation Society, the dates affected will be refunded in full.

Phase Two Plan

Burns Bog Conservation Society

COVID-19 Office Protocol


First Level Protection (elimination)

         Limit the number of people in the workplace at any one time

  – limited to 5 people provided they are in different offices/rooms

  – work stations are a minimum of 2 metres apart

  – no gathering in any confined spaces

  – controlled access to visitors and non-staff in the office

  – keep the front door locked at all times

  – do not come to the office if exhibiting any signs of illness

  – work at home as much as possible

  – communicate via email, phone, zoom etc. whenever possible

Second Level Protection (Engineering Controls)

         Due to separation of workstations, it is not deemed necessary to install any barriers

Third Level Protection (Administrative Controls)

         Cleaning protocols

 wipe down all areas you have contacted with disinfectant wipes

     (microwave, toaster oven, coffee pot, toilet etc)

  wash hands after using the kitchen or washroom

  use paper towels to dry your hands (not terry towels)

  wash all dishes with hot water after use, allow to air dry

  do not share equipment or supplies

  Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer at each workstation

  wipe down doorknobs etc. when you are leaving the office

             Office cleaning & sanitization

                    have general office cleaning done on a regular basis

Fourth Level Protection (PPE)

         Have supply of non-medical masks and disposable gloves on hand