Natasha grew up in Surrey, participating in track and field for over 10 years. Her club coach was a long-time Delta resident, with practices often held at Watershed Park and around North Delta. Her love of running led to coaching, where she worked with SFU Camps as a Track and Field Instructor for 3 years before transitioning to Earth and Ocean Science Camp for 2 more. This culminated in Natasha becoming an advocate for childhood development, physical activity, outdoor education and science exploration.

Natasha joined Burns Bog Conservation Society in September 2019 after completing her BSc in Environmental Science at SFU in June 2019. In the position of Education and Outreach Coordinator, Natasha is eager to tackle her personal goal of connecting as many young students as possible back to nature and their local environment, as well as giving them the language and tools to become participants in and supporters of ecological conservation activities.

Natasha’s favourite thing about Burns Bog is the resident beavers that build dams and flood the creeks surrounding the trails of the Delta Nature Reserve. This leaves kids and adults alike with no option but to don their rubber boots and have fun in the mud!