Wander with Wildlife Art Contest


When: Art due by Thursday, July 16th, 2020

Cost: Free

Where: Burns Bog/Delta Nature Reserve and at home

Who: Anyone

Age Categories:

Ages 1-5

Ages 6-12

Ages 13 and over


What is this contest?

One of the best ways to educate the community about the importance of Burns Bog is through pictures and stories. We need your help! 

Explore the Delta Nature Reserve and learn about Burns Bog by taking photos and then recreating one in an art form of your choice. We encourage participants to explore the wonders of Burns Bog by taking pictures of the wildlife, the many species of plants and trees, and any living or essential organism in the Bog and the Delta Nature Reserve. 

Out of the photos that are captured during this adventure through the Bog, participants will submit their original photo and art form that replicates this photo or describes the content of their photo. Art will be assessed on the accuracy of replication, creativity and perceived effort.

All ages are welcome to participate and prizes will be awarded to three people from each age category (see above). It is important to understand that although someone may be a more skillful drawer, performer, etc., a big part of this contest is creativity! You can choose to do a drawing, a painting or any other appropriate art form that you are most excited to create. You can choose to interpret the term ‘art’ in whichever unique way that you choose.

Potential Art forms include, but are not limited to; Drawing, painting, dancing, poetry, song, macramé, sculptures, written word, TikTok, knitting/sewing/crochet, or your choice of appropriate medium. 

Tell your friends to participate too!


How to participate:

Click ‘GOING’ on the Facebook Art Contest Event Page and email your photo and art form to events@burnsbog.org by July 16th. The top nine art creations will be posted on our Facebook page (with your consent) and the creator will be awarded a prize. Along with your photograph and artwork, please attach the consent waiver (found on our website or Facebook page) that tells us whether we have permission to post your Art on Burns Bog’s social media and website.