“Because” The Bog Matters To You!


We can’t do it by ourselves, but with your help we stand a greater chance of saving our peatlands.
It’s easy and comes with benefits that go beyond the descriptions on this page.
Become a member and join the Burns Bog Conservation Society today!

FREE Bog Tour

Stay informed and experience the bog with 1 FREE Bog Tour each year that you are a Member. Tours happen almost every 3rd Saturday of the Month.

Up to 20% Store Discount

We have educational material, nature art and even Bog Swag and Members get up to 20% discount from our online store.


All Members are eligible for a prestigious position on our Board of Directors. Board Directors are critical in the development of many aspects of the Burns Bog Society.

Guide Direction

As a Member of the Burns Bog Conservation Society you help to guide the direction and propose projects.

Join Our Winning Team

Get more involved and make an even bigger impact. You will be eligible to join Society committees to plan and organize events that make a difference.

Important Cause

Let’s face it, you donate or become a member because you want to know you are making a difference. Your membership dues directly fund our conservation and education initiatives and we greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

The Burns Bog Impact

Listen to what these members have to say about the impact the Bog has had on their lives. We’ve had many people share stories over the years and have decided to feature a few of them here. The positive impact reaches far beyond the Bog and is felt in the hearts of the people who contribute to saving this Nature Reserve.