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Are you looking for curriculum-linked resources to supplement your teaching?

Whether you be a teacher, home-school instructor, of PDP student, these classroom workbooks are a great way to incorporate environmental education into your lesson plans. Providing an approachable way to learn more about local ecosystems, they also allow insight into what a Field Trip to Burns Bog would look like for you and your students.

Classroom Workbooks


Suitable For: K-7

Cost: $29.99*

Explores the relationship between the iconic Sandhill Cranes and their wetland habitat as it addresses several BC Curriculum subjects. This teaching guide can be used in any setting by all types of educators.

Activities provided facilitate discussions, expand thinking skills and encourage analysis, evaluation and creativity. Each unit consists of an activity and a worksheet section.


Suitable For: K-7

Cost: $39.99*

A complete classroom study guide about Burns Bog and other peatlands, including pre-study activities (KWL charts, etc.), required study materials, projects, vocabulary lists and definitions, lesson aids and educator reading materials and guides.

Activities can be stand-alone and photocopied for individual use, or educators may choose to work through the book progressively with their student(s).

$23.99 when purchased with Fieldtrips or Workshops

$31.99 when purchased with Fieldtrips or Workshops