Core Staff

The Burns Bog Conservation Society staff go above and beyond their job description every day

On top of their normal duties, our office has an open-door policy where volunteers and members can drop by anytime, Whether that be for a chat about what the Society is up to, or help out around the office. All of our staff members have a unique background, but their commonality is working for the community to ensure Burns Bog is safe for years to come.

Natasha Friedmann Education and Outreach Coordinator

Natasha grew up in Surrey, participating in track and field for over 10 years. Her club coach was a long-time Delta resident, with practices often held at Watershed Park and around North Delta. Her love of running led to coaching, where she worked with SFU Camps as a Track and Field Instructor for 3 years before transitioning to Earth and Ocean Science Camp for 2 more. This culminated in Natasha becoming an advocate for childhood development, physical activity, outdoor education and science exploration.

Natasha joined Burns Bog Conservation Society in September 2019 after completing her BSc in Environmental Science at SFU in June 2019. In the position of Education and Outreach Coordinator, Natasha is eager to tackle her personal goal of connecting as many young students as possible back to nature and their local environment, as well as giving them the language and tools to become participants in and supporters of ecological conservation activities.

Natasha’s favourite thing about Burns Bog is the resident beavers that build dams and flood the creeks surrounding the trails of the Delta Nature Reserve. This leaves kids and adults alike with no option but to don their rubber boots and have fun in the mud!

Nikolai Karpun – Education and Research Coordinator

Nikolai grew up in Delta, attending Gray elementary, followed by Sands Secondary. He then headed off to Simon Fraser University to complete his Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences. He recently completed his Professional Certification Specialization in Ecological Restoration through the University of Victoria. He enjoyed playing many sports growing up, including soccer, lacrosse, and football. He was fortunate enough to receive an athletic scholarship to continue playing Football at Simon Fraser University.

Growing up in North Delta, it was ingrained in him from a young age about how special and wonderful Burns Bog is. However, he soon found out that the further you move away from it, the less it is known and appreciated.

As the education and research coordinator, he aims is to expand our understanding and increase public knowledge about this ecosystem so it gathers the appreciation and protection it deserves.

His favourite thing about Burns Bog are the specific bog plants. He enjoys educating youths and adults alike about the different plants and animals that call the Bog home. You can find him tasting a berry or two in late springtime in the Delta Nature Reserve.

Marcello Oliverio – Communications & Office Manager & Accounting Assistant

Marcello joined the Burns Bog Conservation Society in 2017, after moving to the lower mainland from Alberta, to help with accounting. Since then, his role within the society has grown. He now runs marketing and communications for the Society, as well as being office manager after being appointed by the former Executive Director of Burns Bog. In addition to that, he also handles much of the IT side of things.

Though Marcello’s work is often not seen by the public, his tasks help to keep the Burns Bog Conservation Society running behind the scenes. 

Evelyn Wedley – Accountant

Evelyn joined the Society as a part-time accountant in December 2014.

Evelyn has a Diploma of Technology from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, in Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Management and an Accounting Diploma from Douglas College. She became a Certified General Accountant in 1987 and maintained that designation until her retirement in 2013.

Evelyn owned her own accounting practice for several years and contracted for other professionals for a few years. She has many years of experience working with non-profit and charitable organizations, as a volunteer and as a Board member in various capacities including Treasurer and President. She served as a Provincial Governor of the Certified General Accountants of British Columbia for 6 years.

In 2002, Evelyn focused her career on consulting for non-profits and Charities, analyzing and upgrading their accounting systems. During this time, she also taught 2 credit courses at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, part-time studies. She re-wrote both course materials and converted them to on-line learning.

Our Staff & Volunteers

The Burns Bog Conservation Society wouldn’t be where it is today without the tireless effort of our volunteers. Whether it’s advocating for the protection of Burns Bog, or building the boardwalk, or helping with our guerrilla gardening campaign, our volunteers always complete the tasks with a smile on their face. Here’s a huge thank you to our many volunteers over the years, and to those who continue to protect Burns Bog.


  • Madeleine Smiciklas


  • Christopher Pan
  • Matthew Wong
  • Vincy Zhou
  • Rachel Mehling
  • Maya Hart
  • Daniel Wang


  • Natalie Appel
  • Sandi Yang
  • Prachi Brahmbhatt
  • Freya Carson

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