Directions to the Bog

Visit burns bog at the delta nature reserve

Burns Bog spans over 8000 Acres, but you can come walk 5km of trail and our scenic boardwalk!

Open 365 days a year, the Delta Nature Reserve is the public section of Burns Bog and can be reached by car, transit, and bike. You can park at 10388 Nordel Court, the parking lot of Planet Ice, in Delta.

Dogs are allowed on the trail, but please keep them leashed for their safety and the preservation of the bog. Remember to pick up after your dog. We often take school groups through and, fun as it is to explain the different types of fungus growing on dog poop, we would rather not have to clean it up. Thanks!

Do you want to learn more about Burns Bog? Come to our next Public Tour or book a Field Trip!

Reaching the Trail

The Delta Nature reserve can be tricky to find, but it is well worth the effort when you get there.

Once you reach Planet Ice, face the building and turn left. There is a sign board that marks the entrance to a red brick path. Keep left and follow the path until you are under the overpass. Once there, look to your right for a sign that says “Burns Bog”. Walk towards the sign and follow the creek until you reach the first entrance to the boardwalk on your right side.