Burns Bog School’s Out Summer: Presented by United Way

We’re excited to announce that we are collaborating with DIVERSEcity and United Way to run summer day camps for children of newcomers to Canada. In the month of July, each week-long camp will have a unique theme intending to educate kids about the local ecology in Delta, the sensitivity of peatland habitats, and the invasive species found in Burns Bog. Children in camps will partake in interactive educational activities on topics like ecological relationships and features of aquatic habitats tailored for their age group. We will provide a positive learning environment and enriching experience for newcomers to Canada through the Burns Bog Summer Day Camps 


United Way is a non-profit organization focused on supporting and uplifting communities across Canada. They provide a variety of services from disaster relief to educational programming and resources

Providing services like employment counselling, language resources, and skills training amongst many others, DIVERSEcity is a non-profit organization working towards creating a smooth transition for newcomers to Canada.